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  • Getting into or around buildings.
  • Using doors or stairways.
  • Negotiating footpaths, roadways, kerbed areas.
  • Reading or understanding signs or directions.


The Access City Hotline is helping people to remove physical and sensory barriers to access in the ACT. The Hotline provides a comprehensive referral service for solving or easing access problems in the ACT. If you or someone you care about has encountered problems getting in or around structures, the Hotline is here to assist.Phone 6257 3077

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Service Stations Providing Driveway Service

A common enquiry to the Access City Hotline is: Where do I find a service station that will provide driveway service?

A list of service stations which have indicated they will provide driveway service has been compiled by the Hotline.

The list and other useful information can be found by following Useful Sites & Information link or by clicking the service station icon.

National Disability Insurance Scheme

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) launched in the ACT on July 01 2014.

For information please click on this link

P: 1800 800 110